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Adopted Total Drama Girl Opal by AshtonTheOutlander Adopted Total Drama Girl Opal :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 3 5 Succubus by AshtonTheOutlander Succubus :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 8 14
This isn't Wonderland Pt. 2
Alice walked down the hallway looking from side to side. It was a curious place, only the rich could afford to house people here, and even so there were hardly any others to interact with. Once in awhile Alice saw a boy with brown hair and a strange eye, and a girl who screamed at walls, but rarely even those. Now she walked behind Lady Melrose. She did not know the woman's name, well her first name. She was beautiful and always wore her black hair up and styled, like a Queen or something. She wore a black and red dress and looked as beautiful as ever but was silent... as usual.
"Why is it I only ever see a few others Ma'am..." Alice ventured. She thought the tall woman who owned the place was ignoring her, but after a moment she spoke.
"There are only a few who can afford such care..." Lady Melrose replied.
"Curious..." Alice replied as she followed.
Once they reached the main dining hall and great room she saw her family. Her father was a prestigious Physician, her mother a scientist
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This isn't Wonderland Pt. 1
The rain made an almost soothing sound as it patted against the glassed window pane and ran down in little trails. Her big blue eyes watched each trail of running water as they ran down and off the bottom rim of the window, some quickly slicing across the rain beaded window while others seemed to take the long way around.
"If it is a race, you are far behind... that is obviously the worst possible course you could take silly..." She said as she fingered the glass and followed one of the slower trails of running rain. He had been there for the last five minutes watching her and pretending to clean his paw. "Well then cat, say something will you, if you have any rhyme or reason..."
"Believe it or not Alice I do... I should tell you that you are in jeopardy... if you would listen to a cat... only a crazy girl listens to a cat." Alice thought she heard a snicker in his otherwise playful voice.
"Obviously I am a crazy girl... or else I would be at home and not in this dreadful place..." Ali
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 1 0
No. 11 Lambda (Sketch and Line Uncolored) by AshtonTheOutlander No. 11 Lambda (Sketch and Line Uncolored) :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 7 3
Aquitaine's Sons and Daughters Prologue
The Empire of Aquitaine had been a wonderful place. A powerhouse on the international scene and a booming economy that brought trade, success, and happiness to all the lands surrounding the great nation. Aquitaine was envied by her enemies and loved and respected by her allies, a great Kingdom ruled by a wonderful King who, with his loving wife at his side, had led the nation to this golden age. It was the night that King Germaine and his Wife, the beautiful Queen Arabella had boarded a ship for a great gathering of the Kings and Queens that everything had changed. A storm rose up and dashed the ship apart on the rocks, leaving the great Kingdom without its King.
Prince Axel was young, but not ready for the news that came to him and his young sister that night. They embraced, crying in each other's arms as the Aquitainian Bishop announced the loss of the King and Queen. The Empire fell into darkness at a stroke. While Prince Axel and Princess Sara tried their best to lead as their pare
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The Morbidian Invasion Chapter 7
Invidia sat at the table with her commanders. She was wearing a dress, the others were all in battle gear as they had been since the march and joining of forces began. Jillian looked grave as she explained the reports from border and from the Trisimian combined army; a tattered force of the remnants of the four standing armies of Trisimae that had been devastated by the Morbidians.
"About seven thousand strong, that is all they have left and they arent able to play cat and mouse with Morbidia any longer..." Jillian said. "They had fortified an old castle, at Souland, just south of our border. A rout of this last remnant of the Trisimian army would leave the massive Morbidian force to march on Riviaria."
"But will they? What if their intention all along was to take Trisimae? If they hold here our main forces will arrive and help us liberate Trisimae, couldn't this be the case?" Invidia hated the idea of committing all she had to a battle they could not win, not to mention dragging Rivia
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 2 6
Mature content
The Lamia and the Harpy :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 4 0
Dawn as a Riviarian by AshtonTheOutlander Dawn as a Riviarian :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 12 8 Felayn Colored by AshtonTheOutlander Felayn Colored :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 8 5 Felayn (Uncolored) by AshtonTheOutlander Felayn (Uncolored) :iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 5 12
Avery's Story: Chapter 5
Avery sat in his sitting room and closed a history book and smiled.
"Make love to me..." Nina said. Perhaps the best birthday present he had received was her smile, though that of an intoxicated young woman. Her paw gripped his collar and she pulled him close. Her golden eyes more beautiful than ever.
"Nina..." Avery kissed her hearing her coo and begin to pur. She was longing for his touch. "Nina I want you to come to be without influence of mead..." Avery said as he broke the most amazing kiss. It was his first and was beyond anything he could have dreamed."
"What do you mean? I am totally myself.." she laughed and hugged him. Avery knew in this moment he could not take what he wanted more than anything. He wanted to to offer herself to him when she truly did desire him. Avery crawled into the bed and held her tightly, not wanting the moment to end.
"Making love is much different... Than i imagined!" Nina said in a slurred voice as he just held her. It wasnt long and the
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 1 0
The Morbidian Invasion Chapter 6
Jillian and Krissa walked through the quickly and well pitched tents around. It was dangerous to set up camp anywhere, but the efficiency of the Riviarian army relied on the soldiers being well rested and in tip top shape, if they were to be attacked by the Morbidian forces, they would need to be ready. Jillian knew that once battle was taken there was no telling when they would be able to get a full nights sleep again.
"You don't like that Braelyn and her fancy Union guard are here do you?" Krissa said as they walked past the tent where "Saucy" was being held. Jillian chewed her lip. The Union guard were a branch of the regular Riviarian forces, and aside from their fancy capes and stylized helmets Jillian would argue they were no better than her own best troops, but they worked as a special force and also as a political branch of the military for the public's eye. She was happy to have a famed warrior like Braelyn, but was also intimidated by her.
"I feel like she wants to make every
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 1 3
Ned Meets Ambri
Ned stretched, sitting up and getting ready for another blessed day. With a good stretch and yawn, Ned was up and at'em. He had a big meeting today at the Leftorium and was interviewing a few potential partners to help the business grow. All things said things were pretty good in Ned's life. He had his two boys; Rod and Todd and the business, which was growing and running well. He truly felt blessed by God. With a smile he stood and hopped in the shower. Working on a Saturday he still had one thing he needed to take care of: a babysitter.
"Boys! Uppity up! Time to face another glorious day!" Ned called from the shower as he hummed a gospel hymn and began to wash. He could hear the boys laughing and possibly doing a little cleaning already through the house, already ready to face the day. Ned finished his shower and after shaving and getting dressed for the day, he headed into the living room where the boys were already busy; Todd reading, while Rod was coloring and sketching. Ned chuck
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 1 7
The Dark Moon
She leaned against the wall, ever vigilant The flame painting reflections across her armor. She was the fire keeper of Anor Londo, and so she stood on guard, protecting the flame that night. In the darkness of night she contemplated her life in the service of Gwendolyn. She had served her master for many years, but she felt something had always been missing in her life. She could not put her finger on it. She had everything she needed and was content as a Fire Keeper and within the Blade of the Dark Moon.  
As she reflected on this peaceful night she spotted movement. It was a woman, dressed in long dark robes and a mantle. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back, hanging loosely. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold. The Darkmoon Knightness straightened as she approached. The girl seemed to be worried, and her face was flushed. She was panting a bit but as she approached took the time to try and straighten her garments a bit. It was rather obvious she was running from
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 2 3
Total Drama W.I.P. Episode 3 Pt 2 Dont Blow It
Outside the two teams gathered where Chris stood in front of them. He had a sinister look on his face that molded into that friendly smile that everyone knew meant trouble.
"Well just look at you... six for the Ants... and seven for the Roaches... just the right amount for a little game of predator vs. prey!" Chris chuckled as Chef laid out the gear before them. A pile of blow guns, with small darts, and what looked to be silly costumes of Antelopes; antlers and tails anyway.
"In the next challenge half of each team will be deemed our fearless hunters, the other half, will be their victims...." Chris laughed.
“Are those blow guns?” Max asked with a raised brow.
“Oooooooh! That’s why Chris said this game might blow!” Lindsay said with a smile. Heather simply face palms at that statement. Allie smiled at her, enjoying her moment. Sierra gasped hoping she wouldn’t have to hurt her Cody.
“Yea. Each dart has ink that’ll leave a spot on the ski
:iconashtontheoutlander:AshtonTheOutlander 1 2


COM Lynn by TigersSunshyn COM Lynn :icontigerssunshyn:TigersSunshyn 10 2 Red and Green ch2 pg8 -Another deal?- by AliceTheDemonPlz Red and Green ch2 pg8 -Another deal?- :iconalicethedemonplz:AliceTheDemonPlz 7 5 Dancing Doodle by EmyBun Dancing Doodle :iconemybun:EmyBun 11 1 COM Scheherazade by TigersSunshyn COM Scheherazade :icontigerssunshyn:TigersSunshyn 24 11 Curiosity killed the coffee by Zombiesmile Curiosity killed the coffee :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 11,567 560 Dolly - Belligerent by ImmediatelyAnnoying Dolly - Belligerent :iconimmediatelyannoying:ImmediatelyAnnoying 8 9 Harrietta and Astriel - Caught Up Lineart by ImmediatelyAnnoying Harrietta and Astriel - Caught Up Lineart :iconimmediatelyannoying:ImmediatelyAnnoying 5 2 The winner. by Drawing-4Ever The winner. :icondrawing-4ever:Drawing-4Ever 16 0 BLACK VALENTINE by Lonely-Cartoonist BLACK VALENTINE :iconlonely-cartoonist:Lonely-Cartoonist 11 21 Oc Tavia by PretenderEnder Oc Tavia :iconpretenderender:PretenderEnder 4 3 Unification Day by Alexi-C Unification Day :iconalexi-c:Alexi-C 132 82 COM Harem girls by TigersSunshyn COM Harem girls :icontigerssunshyn:TigersSunshyn 27 13 Flames of Judgement by JNetRocks Flames of Judgement :iconjnetrocks:JNetRocks 145 55 Scott Vs the Forces of Evil by Shy-Steamer Scott Vs the Forces of Evil :iconshy-steamer:Shy-Steamer 14 9 Total Drama OCs for Sale by EvaHeartsYou Total Drama OCs for Sale :iconevaheartsyou:EvaHeartsYou 26 43 Virgin Killer  by CatthePanther Virgin Killer :iconcatthepanther:CatthePanther 6 1


Wow! this is excellent! I have to admit I love everything about it, from the colors and wow factor to the depth and layers. I am not an...

Who would Win? 

6 deviants said Black Mage Girl
6 deviants said Dragoon Girl
3 deviants said Knight Girl
2 deviants said Amazon Warrior Girl
2 deviants said White Mage Girl



Who would Win?
6 deviants said Black Mage Girl
6 deviants said Dragoon Girl
3 deviants said Knight Girl
2 deviants said Amazon Warrior Girl
2 deviants said White Mage Girl
Just a quick sketch of a succubus female who looks a little excited. Hands rough, legs... rougher. It is what it is, wanted to try without references.


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Just an writer looking to turn my writing to art.

ID Art courtesy of :iconangeltsuki-chan:
That was fast! All of my judges have spoken along with myself and here are your winners!

1st Place: :iconyanadhyana:

Ashton by yanadhyana

2000 Points and free art from :icondarkmoon-esther:

2nd Place: :icondsok135:

Cookie by dsok135

1000 Points and free art from :icondarkmoon-esther:

3rd Place: :icondarkmoon-esther:

Mature Content

Ashton contest entry 2 by Darkmoon-Esther

500 Points and free art!

I also decided, since I had some extra money for Christmas to add two "Honorable Mentions" who received votes and will be awarded with 200 Points each!

4th Place: :iconbeyond-sabretooth:

Ashton (contest entry) by Beyond-Sabretooth

200 Points!

5th Place: :iconshy-steamer:

Dakota McFly by Shy-Steamer

200 Points!

For all the other amazing competitors in this contest, thank you so much! There was not a single picture I did not like and to show my gratitude I will be offering 100 points to each of you in addition because in all honesty you are all amazing and I was so shocked at how many great pieces I got! I couldn't truly pick a favorite myself and without judges would have never been able to choose!

Thank you to every one of you!








Also a shout out to my anonymous judges! You guys really gave me a LOT to work with, I was really hard pressed to pick because every single image had a case for the win!

Thank you so much!


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I do withhold the right to decline though.
Art Commisison
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Hey Ashton! I was wondering if you could share my PayPal journals? It would help me out a ton man! And thanks for being my first customer! :D
If you ever want an epic story I do those too! And I'm out of my writer's block!
AshtonTheOutlander Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Writer
Yea send me the link and I will be happy to share it!
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Okay here you go:
PayPal Commissions (NOW OPEN!)So, I'm going to be opening myself a PayPal account and start taking PayPal commissions!
They wouldn't be more than $10 since my art isn't that amazing ^^;
And that way it should be affordable to most :)
So, I'll update this journal when my PayPal is set up and verified!
But for now, here are my prices:
Pencil sketches:
Headshot: $2.00
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Up to 4 characters in a drawing.
Examples of pencil sketches:
Colored Drawings:
Headshot: $4.50
Half body: $5.00
Full body: $6.00
Extra character: $1.25
Up to 4 characters per drawing!
Add a simple background: $2.50
Examples of colored headshots:
Examples of colored half body:
Examples of colored full body:
  Fan Fiction PayPal Commissions!So, I'll also be taking Fan Fiction/Story PayPal Commissions! These will cost a little bit more than my art commissions as I feel I'm better at writing than drawing ^^; 
Now here are the prices for my fan fictions:
Short Stories: $7.00
Story Series: $6.00 for 1st starter chapter then $3.00 to add a chapter.
Each added chapter is $2.00 each.
Long shot stories: $9.00
What I will and won't write about:
:bulletred: I won't do it! :no:
:bulletgreen: I will do it! :nod:
I won't write about:
:bulletred: Incest or Pedophilia!
:bulletred: Ships I hate or don't support!
:bulletred: Nasty fetishes! Fetishes I won't write about are:
Starvation, dead and pregnant women, sexual assaults, diapers, vore, over inflation, MILF crap, animal abuse or torture, etc.
:bulletred: Extreme sexual content. Mild stuff is okay.
:bulletred: Hate on the LGBT community,  Heterosexuals, ship bashing, etc.
:bulletred: Religions. I prefer to keep that stuff off of here I have respect for religions.
I will w
Lovely-RedRoses Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks man I appreciate it 
And when you get a chance, read the rest of my story and give me your input!
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Fav Thanks Kero Keroppi (2) 
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I'm doing good. Just taking my usual short breaks from art. I watched the most recent SMG4 video (the 2nd D&D one); I thought it was hilarious.
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Sounds pretty cool!
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Thanks for the watch and send me a point I really appreciate that ^^
Here's another Ashton artwork I did, enjoy~
Ashton Bonus by SquidyPendragon
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